Smart Observing Service

Smart Video(AI) Surveillance for Casinos

  • Read cards with over 98% accuracy
  • Able to watch tables 24 hours with a high efficiency. And it also gives real-time count data. 
  • Consider a scenario: A card counter keeps playing with 50 dollars bet when the count is low. Then he bet 300 dollars when the count is high then he either keeps playing or just left. For traditional surveillance, they may start to notice, “Oh, there is a suspect.” And then start to count or play the record to study. But our product could tell the count of that blackjack table at that time without any need to playback.
Precision Matters

High efficiency & Real-time feedback

Simpliest Installation

Rapid and operative deployment

  • No need to do large modifications to the existing camera / surveillance system.
  • Able to be attatched to most surveillance systems. Our software itself is easy to operate by design.
  • Since our surveillance service can watch any amout of Blackjack tables, more Blackjack tables could be added. Thus, more revenue will be generated.

  • Since the surveillance is invisible for players, they will not feel uncomfortable during playing. So, no need to worry about losing players by using our services.

  • More than that, you could modify the game rule to tempt more people to come to play. Our product can help bring the marginal cost down.

Money Also Counts

Bring in more revenue

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