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We specialize in Smart Observing Services for Casinos, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to transform your surveillance systems.

What You Need To Know About Our Company

At AEYESKY, we’re bridging the gap between technology and tradition. We leverage the power of artificial intelligence to harness data from existing surveillance cameras, providing real-time solutions for table games. 

Our mission is to build the world’s most comprehensive table-game database and achieve unmanned surveillance, we’re committed to transforming the way casinos understand and engage with their operations and players.

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What Services We Offer For You

Uncover the essence of casino operations and, armed with insights, achieve marketing optimization excellence.


We seamlessly integrate with your existing surveillance cameras, turning them into powerful tools for monitoring table games in real-time.


Our technology automates data collection, analysis, and reporting, allowing you to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional experiences to your players while optimizing your operations.

Table Performance

Our real-time table performance metrics provide a comprehensive snapshot of each table's efficiency, from win-loss dynamics to the pace of play."

Dealer Rating

Our system's fault warnings help prevent dealing mistakes and erroneous payouts, ensuring seamless, fair casino operations.

Player Rating

Our player analysis dives deep into Player Strategy House Edge and Strategy Estimator, empowering casinos to fully understand the unique value of each player.

Advantage Alert

We can identify advantage players, including card counters, and implement measures to minimize losses.

Navigating Your Solutions

Interested in exploring Aeyesky’s potential for your casino? Schedule a consultation with our experts to understand the benefits and functionalities of our service tailored for you. Let’s address your questions and concerns together.

Casino Surveillance Transformation

The evolution of casino surveillance has shifted from mere observation to intelligent analysis. Traditional methods are being outpaced by technological advancements, creating a need for smarter, more efficient solutions.

Early Days (1970s)

Primitive surveillance methods dominated, relying solely on human observation and basic recording devices.

Digital Revolution (1990s):

Introduction of digital recording and cameras, improving data storage and playback capabilities.

Networked Surveillance (2000s)

Advanced IP cameras and networked systems enabled real-time monitoring and enhanced data analytics.

AI Integration (Present)

Modern casinos harness AI-driven surveillance, offering real-time analysis, efficient data extraction, and predictive insights.

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