About Us

Chencong Ren


Financial Actuarial Math & Computer Science

Mr. Ren is an advantage player in Blackjack before,also a great developer. He used to build and operate a website, achieving growth of 200,000 PV during 1 year, with 800x revenue boost. Being familiar with AI and Business, Mr. Ren is now thinking what AI could bring to Casinos.


Linqiao Jiang


Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Mr. Jiang has several years experience in AI application. He used to be a researcher in Google Deep Learning Program and has worked in Amazon Artificial Intelligence Lab separately. Mr. Jiang spent the past several years immersing himself in algorithms and machine learning.


Qiying Hong


Finance & Computer Science

  • Morgan Stanley ( worked in IBD by focusing on Healthcare and Real estate industry)
  • Sequoia Capital


Xiaorong Pu


Business Psychology